First Grade Materials

First Grade Kit

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Reorder Materials


First Grade Reorder Kit
Package of 10 First Grade Portfolios
& 10 First Grade Name Cards

Item #R11

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First Grade Student Portfolio
Formative Assesments

Item #PF100

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First Grade Name Cards 10/pk
4.25″ x 11″

Item #NC100

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Enrichment Materials

8 Beginning Strokes Large Wall Posters
19 x 24″ Laminated

Item #P600

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Alphabet Wall Poster
18 x 24″ Laminated

Item #PA600

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Large Alphabet Wall Cards
8.5 x 11 colored Set of 26

Item #AC000

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Adhesive Alphabet Desk Strip
Black/White 10/pk  1.5 x 14″

Item #AS002

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Adhesive Alphabet Desk Strip
Color 10/pk  1.5 x 14″

Item #AS001

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Replacement Materials

8 Beginning Stroke Classroom Posters
11 x 17″  Set of 7

Item #P604

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Small “House” Letter Placement Poster
11 x 17″ Laminated

Item #P001

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Alphabet Desk Strips
Colored  pk/10

Item #AS000

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Alphabet Wall Cards
5.5 x 8″ Set of 26

Item #AC600

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Number Wall Cards
5.5 x 8″Set of 10 Item


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Alphabet Flash Cards
3.5 x 5.5″ Set of 24

Item #AC601

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