Special Education

We often receive testimonials like the one below from Special Education Teachers, because the ez Write Program is especially helpful for students with special needs.

The ez Write program has worked wonders for my primarily ELL, 1st grade classroom. With many students having limited language and writing skills, they have gained the courage to write!! They didn’t like writing and were afraid of it. After implementing ez Write, I heard things like, “Yay, it’s writing time!!!”.

My Director and Peer Leader came into observe me teach it and were blown away at the concentration & excitement they saw. They were also completely astonished that the kids were perfectly quiet and on task. Learning strokes breaks the language boundary since they can learn them with ease to “Muscle Memory”. The posters were a hit and students would actually leave their choice time center to go over and trace the strokes on a daily basis! This program has changed how my students feel about writing and for that, I am grateful.

Thank you!!!!


Jennifer Cariveau
“First Grade Teacher at an all-inclusive ELL School”