Write better

My son seems to write better with ez Write than when he was shown D’Nealian.

Learned printing very quickly

Sonja learned printing very quickly and easily this year. I would hope she isn’t at a disadvantage is ez Write isn’t continued in the future grades.

Recommend this highly

It was amazing the improvement Patrick made with this program. Overall I would recommend this highly. His writing is much neater and he loves to write and is proud of his work.

Really improved

I noticed my son’s handwriting really improved after the ez Write program. I would like more information on this program so that I can continue helping him this summer with his handwriting skills.

Consistent, common language

The names for each line/stroke helped in describing the process for writing each letter. Consistent, common language for handwriting.

Catchy tunes

I hear Emma singing the catchy tunes. She would write words right-to-left (being a lefty I think)…and the songs would help her.

Very easy to work with at home

This has been a wonderful program for my daughter. The language and parent information makes it very easy to work with at home. My daughter’s handwriting is very nice, and much neater than my son’s – who has learned D’Nealian. It’s a fabulous program!

It works

This system works because you can talk about the process of spelling rather than trying to show how. My daughter has had an easier time with handwriting because of this program. It works!

I think it is wonderful

My son has learned how to write his letters more accurately and quicker using the ez Write program. I think it is wonderful!

Handwriting improved

It was great to see how quickly my daughter’s handwriting improved over the past 8 months!”

So much easier for children to recognize letters

This writing program makes perfect sense. It is so much easier for children to recognize letters as they are learning to read. Also as a parent we can better explain how a letter begins rather than showing. I wish my 4th grader learned this rather than D’Nealian.

It’s awesome – perfect!

Aaron could focus on the word itself, sounding it out, breaking it apart to say it right. He also could focus on the correct spelling. When he got all of that down, he could improve on his penmanship. Don’t ever switch back to D’Nealian PLEASE.  It’s awesome – perfect!

Easy for him to remember

I realized my son loved saying the words for the letter (ez-across, down the slide, etc.). They seemed very easy for him to remember. It definitely helped him remember how to make the letters.”

Easier to learn

I think it’s a great idea, certainly more fun, so perhaps easier to learn.  I heard Grace sometimes say the phrases that go along with the letters like ‘tall line down.’  They are using this at Parker Elementary in the fall – I’m so glad Grace has already been introduced.

Great program

I think this is a great program! My son didn’t know how to write his name at the beginning of the school year and now he is helping me write out my grocery lists!

I liked the upstairs, downstairs and basement idea

I had to sometimes look/be reminded by my child as to what the strokes were called, but she learned it well and it seemed like a good program to me. I liked the upstairs, downstairs and basement idea and it helped me to communicate how to write letters with her.

Easy for the child AND the parents

While I have no experience with other handwriting programs, I can relay that the ez Write program has been wonderful for my child. The 8 basic strokes are easy for the child AND the parents to figure out which strokes make up each letter and number.

Our older son is using this system

He would often talk about the different strokes. This helped him make the letters and remember them. Our older son is using this system also and it seems to be working well for both of them.

Good visualization

I like the different phrases for the strokes (Down the Slide, etc.). It gives a good visualization for what to do.

Manageable movements

I found the ‘strokes’ to be very simple to implement and remember for Sigrid – wonderful for a child’s graphmotor functions!  The ez Write program breaks down step by step each stroke into manageable movements!  I also really appreciated the ‘cues’ given – wonderful triggers!

I love the ez Write system

I love the ez Write system. D’Nealian does not look like anything the kids would see in a book they read.

Makes sense to me

The idea behind ez Write makes sense to me.  It is something that my son is able to articulate and visualize.  It offers us common language when discussing handwriting.

Easy to use

I love that you can tell the kids a stroke and a picture instantly forms in their head.

I love that there are so few strokes

I love that there are so few strokes for the whole alphabet.  I think it really helps the kids concentrate on what stroke they are doing, even if they can’t picture the letter in their head.

I love the ez Write Program!

She uses it every day – when drawing pictures or letters, or when I am helping her write letters.  I love the ez Write program!

Very impressed with her progress

Mary’s experience learning handwriting seemed gradual and natural. She’s still learning, but I’m very impressed with her progress. Thanks for making the switch this year!!

Love the stroke names

Love the stroke names – made letter writing easier for Anna.  She seemed to like it too!  Thanks!”

She seems to have more confidence

Our child had a problem with reversing her letters and numbers.  Since she has started this program, she rarely reverses letters or numbers anymore.  Her handwriting is much neater and more controlled looking.  Handwriting has always been hard for her, she seems to have more confidence in herself now.”

His writing improved

Michael had already struggled in preschool and kindergarten.  After Michael started 1st grade, his teacher suggested that he start the program.  His writing improved and he could write faster.  He also stopped fighting us when he had to write.  The program has been a very positive learning method and Michael has improved tremendously.

We are excited

My daughter would pretend to be the teacher and ‘instruct’ me on the strokes.  She also rides her scooter and creates the strokes using her gross motor abilities.  She is a confident speller and we are excited that the district has adopted ez Write into the curriculum.

I Had So Much Fun!

I had so much fun with my daughter, this past year especially as she would see the different strokes around her world.  ‘Mom, there’s a C-stroke!’, ‘there’s a U-turn,’ etc.  And I’m excited that she will enter kindergarten already knowing the program.  She’s already taken her first step!

ez Write Clicked More

I never overheard my older child (D’Nealian student) actually saying any of the word clues (like ‘tail’) when making her letters.  But – I have frequently overheard my daughter saying the ez Write word clues when making letters.  I am even using the word clues with my 2 year old!  The ez Write clues seemed to have ‘clicked’ more.  I also think the use of the house has helped – with some of the lower case letters going ‘into the basement.


I was thrilled with this program.  I was concerned for my daughter when it came to learning to write.  She was so different from her sisters – she had no interest in writing at all and would only get frustrated when I would try to help her.  I had no way to communicate how to exactly start a letter with a curve – now we can say ‘start with the c-stroke.”  And ‘down the slide’ is much easier to understand than diagonal.  Now, we can’t keep enough paper in the house for her, she is writing all the time.  Thank you so much for this program.